Q: Why RoboLime.com?

A: Because You Need to Take Care of Business

Why Promote Yourself and Your Work?

Why Hire RoboLime Web Works?

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Why Promote Yourself and Your Work?

Fortunately, the Internet makes it easier and less expensive then ever before to get the word out about your work or your business.

With traditional print advertising, your costs are based upon circulation numbers, i.e., distribution. For radio and television, rates are based on ratings, i.e., expected number of listeners/watchers. That means, the bigger the expected numbers, the higher your cost. To reach more, you must pay more. But that circulation model does not apply to the World Wide Web. For a relatively fixed cost, your 'circulation' on the Internet is virtually and potentially unlimited. For that same fixed cost, your message may be seen by hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands or more. Further, your web message is not confined to one issue of a magazine, or one thirty-second spot on the radio. It endures as an online billboard and becomes a virtual lifeline to your readers and fans.

In addition to designing (and hosting, if desired) your website, we can build a database of your customers for mailing lists, newsletters, postcard mailings, etc. When you have a special event or new product coming out, let all your customers know about it to help make it a success.

Why Hire RoboLime Web Works?

I've had an interest in computers and software ever since the early days of desktop computing. I subscribe to computer mailing lists, read the magazines, study the computer manuals that come bundled with the software, and buy dozens of software manuals from third party publishers. I recognize that many people do not approach the computer "tool set" with my level of zeal. Some delve no further than the most common commands of their chosen word processor, spreadsheet or mail client. As far as your business goes, that's fine. While running your business should take priority, recognize that promotion is also important.

A Luddite is defined as "someone who is an opponent of technology or innovation." But just because you don't know how to use the latest technology does not mean you are an opponent of technology or what technology has to offer in our connected world. If that speaks to who you are and how you approach your work, then you take care of your business. Let us do the promoting. Let me repeat that...

You take care of business.
We'll take care of your Internet promotion.

VALUE ADDED: RoboLime is a value added service. We jump through the ever-changing technological hoops so you don't have to.

Think of RoboLime as your personal, wired Sherpas,
leading you up the technological Mt. Everest.

OUR STAFF has over twelve years of Web design experience and twenty-three years of computer support and software deployment experience. We have the software and know-how to promote you and your books. (And the Webmaster, John "Jack" Passarella, is also published author.)

Sites Our Webmaster has Designed/Redesigned:

(See our SAMPLE SITES page for screenshots and details)

OUR TOOLS: Macromedia Studio MX 2004: Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Flash Pro, Freehand, Abode: Photoshop CS 2, PageMaker 7, Microsoft Office 2003, etc.

Contact us for more information: jpassarella@gmail.com